What results/progress have you made since joining the challenge?

"As of three weeks in I’ve lost 6 pounds and several inches (haven’t done my final measurements yet). I’ve been increasing my weights and improving my form on all of the workouts! Overall, I feel happier and healthier (also sleeping much better)!"

Sarah S

"Commitment to daily strength training, conscientious nutrition intake, major gains in strength and muscle tone/definition, slight decrease in weight and overall measurements. Overall feeling way healthier!"

Stacey D

"Haven't weighed myself since the beginning of the challenge but my body composition has changed so who really cares about a number on a scale! I can see my muscles getting larger and more defined. I'm stronger both mentally and physically and all around just happier. I love watching my body grow, adapt and then pushing it to the next level. Its crazy what your body is capable of doing if you just get out of your head and do it!"

Kate-Lyne S

"I feel stronger!! I love that feeling. I also have a pair of jeans that were previously too tight, but today, I put them on and they fit so much better!"

Brady D

What kept you from trying anything like this in the past? What made you decide to say YES this time?

"In the past, many programs/trainers I came across had some tie to a larger MLM company. They often focused mostly on image/weight loss, as well as selling and building a company. This just doesn't sit well with me, as I have great concerns with our societal definition of "ideal body image" especially for women. With Holly's program and approach, I feel she is focused on health over image, and health/fitness as a lifelong process. Her honest and relatable approach with her own journey is also what drew me in." 

Stacey D

"Macro tracking seemed intimidating and confusing. Holly made it so simple to understand and took the intimidation part out of the equation."

Andrea A

"I've tried online training, thought about beach body and other similar programs, and home workouts.. all of which are great options but just not the right fit for me. I liked that your program offered something that I haven't tried and clearly needed. The versatility of your program and platform of lovely ladies offering on going support and accountability for the group made working out fun, interesting and kept me motivated to get the workouts done. Your style of program is hands down one of my favorites. I like having the support of a coach that loves fitness just as much as myself and actually takes the time to connect on a personal level, something you just won't find with other coaches that take on so many clients. Makes it feel like you actually have someone in your corner cheering you on and gives you that extra little push".

Kate-Lyne S

I’ve tried different workout programs many times before, but I love how Holly is so real and tells it how it is and has tons of information to share, motivation from others in the group was also I huge motivator!

Jessica B

What did you like/enjoy most about the challenge?

"I really liked the group on Facebook. When I would see everyone else checking in from their daily workouts it would help keep me accountable and make sure that I would do mine. I also liked how available you (Holly) were; you would check in on FB, put up workout videos, we could text/ message you if needed for suggestions." 

Jamie K

"Loved the workouts! Everyday was different and I didn’t get bored. Look forward to each workout."

Jen J

"I loved the wide variety of exercise each day! For 30 days I didn't see one day repeat and I loved that. With the MLM programs you get maybe 4 days of exercises , with that same annoying person repeating the same BS until I'm ready to throw a weight through the t.v. I loved watching the instructional form vids that were always short and sweet, then hitting the weights to my own jams and no peanut gallery. Also the price cannot be beat"

Stacey D

"Having all the support from everyone, and having you demonstrate/explain everything." 

Marie R

What did you find, from the challenge, was most helpful to your results/progress?

"Checking in daily that I have completed the workouts! And having you post the exercise moves that I didn’t know! Very helpful!" 

Michelle D

"Macros. Never understood them before. Tracking was real eye opener and when I do eat better I feel so much better".

Amy S

"The variety of the workouts.. i get bored easy, so it was nice that they weren't the same workout over and over like other programs"

Laura G

"Videos that showed proper form and explained the workouts!"

Leanna P

Why would you recommend this to someone who might be on the fence about it?

"Because it’s easier than it seems once you get into it! I don’t mean that the workouts are easy, they kick my ass, but I feel so good afterwards. Rather than just a “diet” and workout plan, you gave us the tools to change our lifestyle in a really positive and achievable way!"

Sarah S

"Very supportive environment. Helpful coach and accountability."

Kristian W

"Health is a #1 priority and this program is easy, effective and affordable." 

Jamie K

"Because that Holly girl knows what the fuck shes talking about it. You can see that you live by what you preach and aren't pushing ideas or tactics because a program or company or anything else tells you to."

Sara T