Unfu*k Yourself: Get Out of Your Head and into Your Life

Unfu*k Yourself is written by Gary John Bishop, a speaker, Best Selling Author and personal development expert. Gary delivers self help ideas in a no-nonsense, tough love type of way that I really enjoy. There is nothing groundbreakingly new in this book - BUT I did enjoy how it was laid out in different ways that we sabotage ourselves and broken down to help me analyze habits and thought patterns that I need to work on in order to get what I really want in life.

Gary breaks down the book into seven "personal assertions":

I am willing I am wired to win I got this I embrace uncertainty I am not my thoughts: I am what I do I am relentless I expect nothing and accept everything

For each assertion he goes into further detail on thought patterns and bad habits we may have around these that is holding us back - all the while stressing the importance of actually taking ACTION to create change in your life.

I feel this is incredibly important, as I am all for positive vibes and creating vision boards.... but if you your vision is to marry your dream dude and you spend every evening on the couch watching Netflix, eating junk food and talking to no one, you will most likely be going to bed alone for a long time.

There are a few little exercises in this book - such as taking some time to write down things that hold you back/are bad habits, and then asking yourself WHY over and over again until you get down to the subconscious reasons as to why you these are problem areas. I found this helped me become much more aware of why and how I am sabotaging myself based on my subconscious thoughts Definitely some AHA moments. As he stresses in the book - you need to take ACTION.

I listened to this book using the Audible App, which was pretty enjoyable since Gary is Scottish and I definitely dig the accent... haha It's a short listen, which is nice, you could literally listen to this entire book on a road trip to the in laws.

If you are offended by cursing and sarcasm, then you might want to stay away from this book. Otherwise I highly recommend it!

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