How to CONTINUE To Stay on Track with Your Health and Fitness Journey!

You've worked through a program or fitness challenge, your'e super pumped up, but now what??? You want to do another challenge, but how do you keep that momentum going? Be sure to practice these 7 tips to continue creating healthy habits, reaching your health and fitness goals, and living a healthy lifestyle!

1. Celebrate the little victories - said no to that piece of cake? Were able to run around with your kids all day and didn't feel tired? Worked out for a week/two weeks/month straight without missing any??? Celebrate it!!! Let yourself feel good! Talk to yourself and pump yourself up. This is progress and you are making steps in the right direction! Tell someone who supports you ALL about it and be proud :)

2. Mealplan/food journal/mealprep - As I've said a million times before (haha!), this plays such a crucial role in your success! Write out a plan, this gives you directions on your journey so you know where you're going! Keep track, check off or write down EVERYTHING you eat and drink so you know if you are staying on track or not. Prep your snacks and meals - we're ALL busy!!! Prep your food so that you can't use life's crazy obstacles as excuses fro why you can't stay on track!

3. Post in the group/success partner - use my accountability group! That's what it's here for. Make a pledge to the group: I will post my meals/workouts/water intake (whatever!) in here daily to hold myself accountable! Please call me out if I don't ;)

Or message or ask someone in this group if they are looking for a success partner, someone who you can message back and forth each day to make sure you're both staying on track!

4. Buy something you LOVE in a size too small - Buy that pair of skinny jeans you've always wanted, but get them in a size that's a little too tight... then WORK for them!! Don't pack them away in the back of your closet either. Keep them out in plain site so you can remind yourself each day that you WANT to rock those!!

5. Keep the BIG picture in mind- what is your WHY??? What really moves you when you think about losing weight/becoming stronger/healthier etc. Have you not been at your goal weight for years??? Think about how amazing you will feel when you accomplish that. Are there health problems that run in your family and can be prevented with healthy living?? Think about being there for your kids as a strong healthy example! Did someone you care about tell you you would never be able to achieve your goal??? Prove them WRONG!!! Dig deep and find something that really drives you!

6. Remember to exercise your mind - working on your physical body has so many benefits, but to keep going long term and really see amazing positive change in your life, you must also work on your mindset! Reading personal/self development books, listening to motivational podcasts, meditating, going for a walk by yourself each day, relaxing in the tub every night, educating yourself on how beneficial your new healthy habits are.... Feed your brain, and also give it time to recharge :)

7. Track everything - Track what you eat, if you exercised or not, how, your measurements, and of course your Non-scale victories! The more you track, the more you will learn about your body, what works for you and what doesn't, and be able to catch yourself before getting off track too far!

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