21 Day Fix Week 1 Meal Plan

My plan for my first week back at The Fix! I have discovered that I really don't mind eating the same things for breakfast snack and lunches each day, so that's what I do! It makes planning and prepping for the week SO much easier - All I have to make is large batches of a few different meals, and the majority of the week is covered. I make a different meal for supper each day, BUT find I need to prep as much as I can for supper to really help me stay on point. This can include marinating meats, washing and chopping veg, or even cooking up some of the protein and starches beforehand that I might be using.

For my size, I am always put into the smallest calorie bracket. But since I am currently nursing, I have upped myself to the next bracket to cover the extra calories I need each day. This works well for me as I still get results and my baby still gets feed properly!

For more info my meal plan and how I prepped for it, be sure to watch my Meal Prep video!

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