Shipping to Canada only

Boxes are shipped out 3-5 weeks after purchase date (depending on when in the month box is purchased).

As every box is personalized to each couple and we want to ensure our local contributors are given adequete time to fill the monthly order, we have a specific time frame each month when orders can be placed.

Each month offers a different theme in our custom made boxes.

We do not have extra boxes on hand.  

The Woo Box - with Shipping

  • The Woo Box will replace products that are missing or damaged upon arrival. Reship requests will be tracked and The Woo Box reserves the right to refuse reships or replacements for any reason at it’s sole discretion.

    Exchanges/refunds/returns will not be given for dissatisfaction of the product.

    Returning a product to The Woo Box without authorization will not result in a refund or exchange, and you will be responsible for any additional shipping charges that are incurred as a result.

    Users agree not to refuse shipments from The Woo Box. Refusing a shipment for any reason will not trigger a refund.

    We do not offer refunds and only accept returns and exchanges for items that are damaged or missing.