When will my box be shipped?

Boxes are shipped out the first full week of each month. Occasional shipping delays may occur due to supplies/product delay. If you ordered the "June Box", it would be shipped out the very first week of June.

When are boxes available to order?

Ordering for each box goes until the 15th of each month prior. Ex: If you are ordering the June Box, you would have until May 15th to order it. After May 15th, ordering for the July Box begins and runs until June 15th.

Will I automatically be charged each month?

At this time, we do not have any kind of autoship or automatic renewal/subscription system set up. We do have a 3 month subscription where you can purchase 3 boxes at once. This will give you the next 3 months in a row for the cost of the pick up boxes. Your subscription would start with whichever box was being advertised at the time of order. That would be your first box and then you would receive the next two boxes for the months driectly after that. You cannot pick and choose random boxes/months to include in your subscription. Each box will be shipped out to you the first week of each month.

What's in a Woo Box?


It's a surprise! Each month I choose a new theme to base the box's activities/games/items around. I will give some clues and brief info each month as to what the theme is when the box is available to order. These date night boxes are mostly handcrafted to give you a one of a kind, intimate, at home date night. I work to collaborate with 1 or more small businesses each month to showcase one of their items in the box that fits with the theme. The rest of the box is unique games and activities created by hand for you. To get a more general idea of what is included in the boxes, be sure to check out the Highlight: "Past Boxes" on our Instagram page (@the.woobox)

Does this box ship to me?

As of right now boxes are only shipped to addresses in Canada. So far I have shipped boxes from Manitoba to Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec. There is currently only a small flat rate fee applied to the boxes that are shipped (already included in the price), no matter where they are shipped within Canada. This may be subject to change.

I also offer a pick up option for some of southwestern Manitoba. This option costs less than the shipping option. If you choose this option, your box can be dropped off at a small local business in the town you select (please check out the Pick Up Locations page for more info). There you can pick your box up when it's ready.