Your 90 Program

This program is individualized to you, giving you a workouts specific to your goals/needs and equipment you have available. Each exercise comes with a link to a video on how to perform it.

We also cover nutrition basics, touching on creating balanced meals, building foundational habits and different tracking methods.

Everything is done online. Before beginning you will fill out a detailed Assessment form. After that you will receive the electronic files that include a program tailored to you along with a few other resources.

The 90 day personalized program costs $90

Everything you receive is then yours to keep. 

Click HERE to get started with the Initial Assessment form. Once it is complete I will be in contact with you shortly! 

This is not a 1:1 program with daily/weekly check ins. However you will receive a monthly check in with me where we can assess your progress together, I can answer any questions or concerns and adjust anything as needed. Working through the program, putting in the work, as well as reading through the additional resources and material is all up to you!

All the steps to get you going

Ideas to build balanced meals 



Programming specific to you



You using the tools you are given



Healthy habits that help you feel great and reach your goals!

lisa M 3 month progress.png