Online Challenges

Online Challenges are held 3-4x a year in a private Facebook group.

These challenges focus on educating, implementing and creating the necessary habits to reach your health and fitness goals. We focus on working through our fitness programs (Brass Tacks, Dig, Rise, Undressed) while learning how to properly track our food choices and eat in a way that we enjoy, can be sustained, and will get us results!

Once you register for an online challenge, you will be sent the program you decided to choose, a link to the private Facebook group where you are given daily support and encouragement, plus access to a folder filled with information including:

-what are macros

-how to calculate your macros and calories

-food lists

-sample meal plans

-videos for each exercise so you know what you are doing

-info on how to break through plateaus

-what to do once you reach your goal (the diet after the diet!)

Once you have joined a challenge, you have access to the group forever! You will also be able to download and keep your program forever (working through it as many times as you like!) and will be able to save all other information given.

To hear what other group members thought of past challenges, check out their testimonials here!