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My name is Holly Peters,  I am a Certified Fitness Trainer.

I'm also a mom who likes to eat pizza, drink beer, and curse a lot  hahaaa 

Health and fitness has drastically changed my life and is something I am passionate about educating myself on and sharing with others.

If I can go from a being an over weight, metal-head, who HATED working out, despised interacting with people and had no idea what healthy eating was..... then I know you can do it too!!!

I create training programs, teach fitness classes, and work with people both face to face and online in hopes that I can somehow be a stepping stone in their path towards their biggest goals and dreams.


I believe that with physical strength, comes unimaginable mental strength - and I want to help everyone that I can become STRONG! :) 

Feel free to check out my site a little more. It's a constant work in progress... like myself ha. If you have any questions, I am  just an email away, friends!